Jenny's Monthly Newsletter

In this newsletter, you will find a combination of personal stories/experiences, what's on my mind, what I'm up to, new work I've done, useful resources, and learnings and reflections of my career and general tech/design industry.

Each issue is with a different theme/topic of something that I care about, from design, career, freelancing, mentoring, remote work to public speaking.

If you're looking for a list of links, you probably won't like it. It's more like a peek into my brain and a journal that invites people to step back from our day-to-day hustles and think about our career and discipline at large.

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I love Jenny’s newsletter because she shares her personal and professional experiences in tech with a lot of details and she’s 100% honest. She not only shares the happy side of being a woman in tech but also the unglamourous side of it which makes it very different from the rest of the newsletters. — Sabrina
Favorite thing I've subscribed to lately: @jennyshen's newsletter. First issue explains how she finds lesser-known conferences to attend and speak at. — Ted
The last newsletter of @jennyshen about the reality of being a freelance minority speaker is one of the best content I ever received in my inbox. It really felt like a friend sharing with you relevant and meaningful information. — Jonathan
This was a super useful newsletter, Jenny! Thank you so much for sharing information about the CFPs and events. I have ALWAYS wondered how people do this and thanks to you, now I know :) — Sandhya