Gimmie - iOS & Android SDK Products

Project Background

Gimmie is a loyalty CRM for online publishers. Our platform allows online publishers to easily create their own loyalty program without a development team, so they can incentivize engagement and reward their users.

As Gimmie is a white label CRM, our main feature is the flexibility of customization. Publishers should be able to choose their own color schemes to suit their brand, add or use their own reward categories, use any or all of the gamification elements, etc.

Because our clients don’t usually have in-house designer(s) to take the design further, it is essential that our products are intuitive and offer the best user experience possible from the get-go.

  • Duration
  • 1 year+ (Jan 2013 to April 2014)
  • Platform
  • iOS, Android, WAP, responsive web
  • Services
  • UX design, UI design, interaction design, visual design


In the first phase of the project, I spent time understanding and mapping out the requirements for the MVP together with the CEO and Product Owner.

On a high level, the design templates should provide only the essential functionalities so that the publisher has the room to add features and customize the UI. For publishers who don’t customize, the reward program should still look great and be usable.

Feature Requirements
  • A catalog of rewards including reward categories
  • Functionality of redeeming rewards
  • User profile to track points and redemptions
  • History of notifications
  • Instant reward notification — when a user completes a goal, Gimmie sends a push notification to grant instant gratification and lead the user to redeem the reward they just earned.
  • Onboarding notification — the first time a user opens the app, Gimmie sends a push notification to help users discover the reward program

With these requirements in mind, I designed the user flows and screen flows to visualize the user journey.

After the use cases and flows are locked down, I explored various navigational structures and layout styles. As I filtered out layouts which work and which don’t, I used prototyping tools to test the flow of these wireframes.

In the prototyping process, it was clear to me that rewards should be shown in one vertical column rather than two columns because, in two column layouts, the details in the reward images are lost, and reward names are truncated.

Gimmie iOS V1.0

The first version of the iOS SDK uses a friendly yet professional color scheme (soft yellow with light blue accents), carousel for reward categories and tabs to switch between profile and rewards.

After we shipped the first version, we sourced more rewards that didn’t fit in the existing categories. We also received requests from clients for a leaderboard for social competition. With these new requirements, we needed to iterate to add additional categories and a leaderboard.

In this iteration, I replaced the carousel with an expandable list on the top bar so users can see all categories at a glance, rather than swiping one-by-one to know what rewards there are.

Gimmie iOS V2.0

As Gimmie started to get traction, we got demand for Android SDKs and other platforms from clients all over Southeast Asia.

Eventually, I expanded the iOS product to be cross-platform, from the iOS tablet, Android mobile and tablet, feature phones to WAP phones. For the Android versions, I developed the product using the same information architecture, flows and features as the iOS version, and adapted the design to adhere to Android Design Guidelines.

iOS Tablet Designs


Gimmie products proved to help clients increase engagement rates and stickiness, and we were glad we could help publishers in the region reward their members and increase loyalty. Our clients include influential businesses in Southeast Asia, from Singtel/HungryGoWhere in Singapore/Malaysia, SMART Communications in the Philippines, to Touchten Games in Indonesia.

Here are some examples of how our clients utilize Gimmie’s loyalty program SDK, from the reward catalog, notifications to badges.


Loyalty program members


Increase in social media sharing


Increase in time spent on site

Increased conversion rate by 10% for Online Travel Agency
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