TravelBird - Nearby Offers for Germany

Project Background

TravelBird is the leading online travel platform in Europe that offers personal travel deals to 15K+ users daily. As we gathered feedback from local teams, we found an opportunity to increase conversion rates in Germany, by providing users with a way to search travel offers within driving distance.

  • Duration
  • 3 weeks
  • Platform
  • Responsive Web
  • Services
  • UX design, UI design, interaction design


I mapped out the scope of this feature with the Head of Design and Product Owner. The requirements of the design were: a page for search and results, builds on top of the existing keyword search, pragmatic design so we can ship without additional back-end efforts, works on the responsive web, and entry points on the homepage and search bar.

I researched into competitors and gathered that 300 km, 500 km, and 700 km are the most common travel distances.

I also designed a “future version” to help stakeholders envision this feature in the bigger picture, of what it can be if the experiment is successful.

Mobile Flow

Search and Results Page

Homepage Design

The entry point on the homepage was particularly challenging because a ‘nearby’ concept is not easy to visualize, and this location-based theme is completely different from the rest of the categories.

After a few concepts, I decided to use a map image with flat style, a radius and pins to represent points of interest. The orange color of the pins corresponds to the discount badge color in TravelBird. Next to the map, I used photos of German cities to help the users relate what offers could interest them.

The final result was a feature that covers all use cases, entry points, and is used on desktop and mobile web.

Mobile Web



Increase in conversion rates, proved in 2 weeks of A/B testing
Increased social sharing by 8X + engagement rate by 20%
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