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What I do

Product (UX/UI) design, product strategy, UX strategy, UX research, design leadership, mentoring, coaching, corporate training, workshop facilitation, value proposition design, product market fit validation, rapid prototyping, design sprints


Product & UX Strategy
  • UX strategy
  • Product roadmapping
  • Design sprint
  • Localisation
  • UX & product
  • Remote process & culture
Workshops & Corporate Training
  • Designing for international users
  • UX research
  • Design thinking
  • Mentoring & team culture
Design & Research
  • UX research
  • UX/product design
  • UX audit
  • Localisation/culture research

Price list and services deck (PDF)

Deskbookers Founder Frank Derks

Jenny is a data-driven UX designer who consistently makes decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data. Jenny helped us conducted user research and interviews to identify blockers, and provided solutions for those UX issues. I strongly recommend Jenny for any UX and UI projects.

Frank Derks, Founder of Deskbookers

Jenny has a great passion for technology and user experience, and this reflects in the things she is doing. Jenny showed lots of dedication and care to our project, always thinking about the people, who we are creating experiences for. I enjoyed working with her, as I know I can fully trust her skills and personal characteristics.

Nadia Udalova, UX Team Lead at XebiaLabs

Jenny is very clear in her UX methodologies and design direction. She has in-depth knowledge of UI/UX design which she uses to ensure problems are solved to achieve the best results for both the users and stakeholders. She is very helpful and collaborative with the team, and is always offering advice and new industry insights. Jenny’s dedication to her work ensures that the design project is delivered insightfully with all aspects of end users in mind.

Killian Courtney, UX/UI Designer at Localised

Jenny is very detail-oriented, organised and works hard to meet the needs of all stakeholders be it developers, product owners, marketers or other designers. Truly amazing set of skills to have in your team!

Ján Naništa, Senior UI Developer at TravelBird