Are you a student, new graduate or someone who wants to transition into UX? Are you struggling to find an internship or full-time job in UX/design? Do you need someone to give you advice and tips on your resume, portfolio and UX career? Or are you the only UX designer in a company and need someone to be your sounding board?

Do you want to gain international work/life experience but don’t know where to start? Do you want practical tips and strategies on how to start working remotely?

Or you're like me—a woman or a person of color, and you'd like to learn how to navigate the tech world as an underrepresented person in the industry.

If that's YOU, I would like to help you, as your UX mentor for the next four months!

Why mentorship?

Many designers out there just need slight guidance and they can land the job of their dreams. When I started my design career in 2011, I didn’t have a mentor, until I asked for one during my internship at IBM.

As I grew in my career, the topic and benefits of mentorship came up lots of times. Every one of my peers wanted a mentor, but no one knew how to find one, neither did I. I basically got to where I am today through TONS of trial and error. Having a mentor could have saved me from going down the wrong paths and making bad decisions many times.

6 years later as a more experienced designer now, I thought perhaps my experience in UX design, freelancing and remote working could be valuable to others. I volunteered in the Out of Office Hours initiative, and surprisingly, close to 40 people chose me for design career advice!

After this success, I decided to take mentees under my own name, to help people who resonate with my story and who come to me specifically for advice. I want to help newcomers in their journeys become better UX designers. I want to support my mentees and inspire them with my wins. I want to tell them about the crazily bad decisions I made and how to not repeat my mistakes. (These are so horrid I can't even talk about them publicly.)

If that sounds exciting to you, I’d love to have you as a mentee!

About me

Work Experience
  • Independent UX/Product Designer
  • Senior UX & Product Designer at Toptal
  • Former Interaction Designer at TravelBird
  • Former UX/UI Design Lead at Gimmie
  • Former Co-founder at Swiip

Learn more about me

Mentor Experience
  • UX Mentor at Travel to the Cloud Hackathon, 2017
  • Mentor at Out of Office Hours, 2016
  • European & Asian Chapters Mentor, Ladies that UX, 2016-present
  • SFU Campus Ambassador at IBM, 2010-2011
  • Design Mentor, TechBytes, SFU, 2008-2009
  • Web Design Mentor, North Surrey High School, 2006

What you’ll get

  • Video call once a month (1 hour)
  • Direct message access and guaranteed reply
  • Access to a private Slack group with other mentees
  • An accepting community to discuss project and career struggles
  • Monthly workshops and demos
  • Portfolio and design critique sessions
  • Curated resources (UX, UI, freelancing and user research)
  • Accountability partner within the mentee group

Apply Now

Applications for cohort #1 2018 are closed. Join the wait list to be notified when applications open for the next cohort (around mid-April 2018).

Fee and Schedule

Cohort #2 2018: 4 months, from May 1st to August 31st. The fee is 560 Euros (excl. VAT) for one cohort. Once a mentee is selected to enroll in the program, the full payment is required.

Jenny’s mentorship played a huge part in helping me kickstart my career in UX, as well as providing guidance as a UXer daily while on the job.

Jenny is a great listener and is very quick to understand the root question being asked. Being able to laser focus on the crux of an issue means that our 1-on-1 sessions are very productive.

Apart from professional advice, Jenny also gave invaluable support to me on a personal level. Striking out as a freelancer has had its challenges and I was glad to have been able to count on Jenny to understand my situation no matter what it could be. To have such a sincere, reliable and knowledgeable mentor, was definitely not something I thought I’d find when I started my UX career!

Dionne — Mentee of 2017 to present

Freelance UX Designer

Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about UX, Jenny helped me set up a game plan for my primary goal of finding a job abroad. This included interview prep, international job search, and even how to effectively reach out to hiring managers - all of which is drawn from her personal experience of making the move herself and her success as a digital nomad.

She takes time to truly understand the design problem before giving pointed and thorough advice, even following up our chats with links and resources.

As someone who works in a small UX team with little oversight, she's a senior UX'er I'd want on my team.

Jasmine — Mentee of 2017

UX Designer at HYFN

In my UX learning journey so far, I learned the most during Jenny’s mentorship program. Jenny’s mentorship program helped me in many aspects. The side project I did in the program helped me fully practice UX. With Jenny’s guidance, I learned which part needs to be improved, and how.

In every 1-on-1 call, Jenny can always tell me what and how to improve, from UX projects, portfolio, resume, and cover letter. Jenny listens to my doubts and clears these doubts patiently, gives me feedback very quickly. This is what I expected to learn from a mentor. At the end of the program, I am able to have a complete portfolio with a detailed UX study.

Also, the accountability partner in this program is great. With an accountability partner, we discuss each other's progress every two weeks, give feedback, and keep iterating the project. I strongly recommend people who want to accelerate UX learning to join this mentorship program.

Chloe — Mentee of 2017-2018

UI Designer at Gafolio

In the 1-on-1 meetings with Jenny, she gave me relevant and useful advice and direction for my startup project. In the beginning of my project, I encountered difficulty conducting user research. Because these problems are closely related to my project, any books, online courses and even Google couldn’t solve my problems. But Jenny was able to understand the project situation and gave me clear advice from her own experience. After following Jenny’s advice, the problem was solved.

Jenny also helped me prepare the pitch of my startup and she shared her own pitching experience. After iterating on the presentations with Jenny’s tips, our team received the highest scores in the class for both midterm and the final presentations. Jenny’s customized mentorship program was very useful for me because I was working on a startup that no one has done before, which meant I couldn’t find any answers to my questions online.

Skyle — Mentee of 2017

Founder of

Frequently Asked Questions

First, let me ask you—why should it?

Second, let me tell you about my experience of being a free mentor. I took on 39 mentees during my Christmas/New Year break for the Out of Office Hours initiative, all for free. 12 out of 39 (~30%) were no-show while I blocked time off work and waited for them to show up on Skype. (That's actually 120 hours going to waste.) Simply put, people don’t value something if they can get it for free.

Charging a small fee means:

  • A security for you that this mentorship program won’t stop when I get busy. How often have you emailed people you look up to but never received a reply? As your mentor, I dedicate time to answer every question.
  • I get compensated for the care, time, energy and dedication I put towards my mentees. (That sounds fair, if you ask me)
  • It filters out people that are not serious and who do not value mentorship.

I’m only one person with 24 hours in a day. I work FT with clients, speak at conferences and run a UX community on the side. I wish I can make more time for everyone but 4 is the maximum. By mentoring a small group, I can give every mentee quality feedback and personal attention.

In my experience as a mentor, I see best results when a mentee is proactive, open to share her/his situations and asks thoughtful questions. I evaluate the applications by one's proactiveness, drive, openness and activity in the community.

This mentorship program is meant for UX(UI) and product designers. If you're looking to learn from a full-time user researcher or front-end developer, I'm afraid I'm not the best mentor for you. (Sometimes I share user research resources, but most resources are UX related.)
However, if you are more interested in freelancing, I'd encourage you to apply regardless of your role. My program has helped mentees to find their first freelance gig and I share many freelancing resources.
If you want to become a full-stack Product Designer that also codes, I've partnered up with my good friend Jeff who has 4 years of front-end mentoring experience, so you can receive both UX and front-end mentorship. Check out his front-end mentorship program.
Finally, if you're looking for a mentor in a specific area (e.g. working with NGOs, fintech industry, etc) and it's not an area that I specialise in, you'll benefit more from having a different mentor. I specialise in the travel industry, e-commerce, localisation and consumer-facing products.

Please join the waitlist here and you'll be notified when future applications open.

If after the first month, you feel that you’re not getting anything out of the mentorship program, just let me know and I’ll issue you a full refund for the rest of the period. But, if you were a no-show in our video call in the first month, I do not offer any refund thereafter.

One cohort is 4 months long. Cohort #1: January 1 to April 31. Cohort #2: May 1 to August 31. Cohort #3: September 1 to December 31.

English, however, I can speak fluent Mandarin so our 1-on-1 calls can be in Mandarin if you'd like. All of the resources in the mentee group will be in English.