Clean and modern design

Ready to update your image? I use the latest design trends to make your site/app look current and professional. My design style is clean and minimalistic with some personality to make your brand shine.

Conversion optimization

My designs reduce friction, increase retention and convert users. In past projects, I successfully increased conversion rates between 10-30%, reduced bounce rate by 40% and increased site visit duration by 284%.

Mobile-first design

With extensive experience in mobile design and knowledge of iOS and Android design principles, I design remarkable mobile apps and optimize your website/web app for mobile use.

User experience

Great UX makes a product sticky. I help users understand the value of your product and design a delightful experience that makes them come back.

Differentiate from competitors

Great UX will help you stand out in this saturated travel market (even without a million dollar marketing budget), and get ahead of the game!

Design leadership

I provide insights and leadership on the best design decisions to accomplish your goals and serve the users best. I’m also good at saying no to bad ideas to avoid risky decisions and wasting resources.

My Design Process

  • Step 1: Understand business goals, user pains, and target audience profile. Before any pixel is designed, I first deep dive into the hidden problems that need to be solved.
  • Step 2: Research and analyze data, user feedback, trends, and competitors.
  • Step 3: List assumptions, plan user stories, information architecture and user flows to have an overview of the user’s journey and consider all use cases.
  • Step 4: Explore solutions by brainstorming, sketching, wireframes, and prototypes.
  • Step 5: Create and iterate on interaction and interface designs with stakeholder and user feedback, quantitative and qualitative data.
Deskbookers Founder Frank Derks

Jenny is a data-driven UX designer who consistently makes decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data. Jenny helped us conducted user research and interviews to identify blockers, and provided solutions for those UX issues. I strongly recommend Jenny for any UX and UI projects.

Frank Derks, Founder of Deskbookers

Jenny has a great passion for technology and user experience, and this reflects in the things she is doing. Jenny showed lots of dedication and care to our project, always thinking about the people, who we are creating experiences for. I enjoyed working with her, as I know I can fully trust her skills and personal characteristics.

Nadia Udalova, UX Team Lead at XebiaLabs

Jenny is very detail-oriented, organised and works hard to meet the needs of all stakeholders be it developers, product owners, marketers or other designers. Truly amazing set of skills to have in your team!

Ján Naništa, Senior UI Developer at TravelBird

Jenny's efficiency and quick turnaround time make her a very efficient worker. A real jack-of-all-trades that can get you a beautiful front-end design of a web page/app in little to no time. It was a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her to any project requiring front-end design work.

Samuel Chan, Co-founder of Swiip

Ready to take your product UX UI to the next level?